Italian Lift Industry Association

ANACAM, the Italian lift industry Association
founded in


represents about


independent small and medium-sized enterprises

operating in the elevation business.

Members include companies who manufacture, install, maintain and repair lifts, escalators and moving walks, homelifts, platform lifts and stairlifts as well as companies who supply component parts for such equipment.

ANACAM represents and defends the interests of its member companies vis-à-vis regional and national government departments and agencies.

It maintains close contact and cooperation with:

  • other trade associations 

  • associations representing building owners and building managers, consumers, tenants, certification and inspection bodies

  • and other stakeholders.


ANACAM offers advisory services on codes and standards, legal and fiscal matters, technical and safety questions to its members; it promotes education and training and issues publications that allow member companies to stay in touch with the latest technical and legal advances.

ANACAM member companies

serve a large stake of the
million lifts

million lifts
in service in Italy and employ approximately

qualified workers

qualified workers
(including suppliers’ work force)

ANACAM’s experts participate in the elaboration of lift standards in the

Italian Standardisation body
and, through the European Federation
in the elaboration of European
and international
ISO and ETSI standards.

ANACAM in Europe

ANACAM is a founding member of EFESME, the European Federation for elevator small and medium-sized enterprises, based in Brussels.

EFESME is the European SMEs voice in the lift industry, representing and defending at EU level the interests of SMEs operating in the lifts business. EFESME is a non-profit-making international association under Belgian law, created in 2005. Today, it counts 15 national associations representing 14 EU Member States.

EFESME experts directly contribute to the work of the Technical Committee and its Working Groups within the CEN TC 10 (European Committee for Standardization) and the ISO TC178 (International Organization for Standardization) dealing with lifts, escalators and moving walks.


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